There is always a first time…

24th August 2017

Since first opening our doors in 2012 we have always been very well supplied with food from regular supporters. Every week commited donators give both their time and their money to finding out what food we are short of and then go out and buy those items to bring in to the warehouse. Local businesses and church groups regularly bring in large amounts of the various tinned and packet food we need.

Thank you to each and every:  family, couple, church coffee group, ladies group, school and local business ( including banks and shops) that support our work. Unfortunately the demand is not getting any less, with increasing numbers of families and individuals in need of emergency supplies of food in the local area.

Usually we are in need of milk and juice, tinned meat or puddings but this week is the first time we have had to add soup to our list of food stocks running really low in the warehouse. Last month we spent some of the money that has been donated to the charity to buy additional supplies of tinned tomatoes and sugar. You would be surprised at the conversations that are started when fellow shoppers see 100 tins of tomatoes and 50 bags of sugar in a trolley!

So next time you go into the supermarket and see a multi buy offer and wonder who would need 5 tins of soup in the summer please keep us in mind.

Thank you

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